Facility employee education and training needs assessment

The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay is heading up an initiative to request of all health care providers (not just assisted living centers and nursing facilities) their education and training needs in the areas of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.  To follow you will find a link to a survey that you can complete if you wish to do so.  Participation is voluntary; not mandatory.

UWGB has formed a coalition in support of this initiative which is funded through the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).  When you open the survey, you will see that the Coalition’s name is “Elder Abuse Coalition”.  WHCA/WiCAL is not a member of the Coalition.  Also importantly, we have registered our concern (really dismay) over the negativity of the Coalition’s name, especially when they are seeking the provider community’s participation, support and assistance.

We ask that you look past the Coalition’s name and participate if you have the time to do so.  It is our hope that in the final outcome, UWGB and its partners will create balanced and useful education and training materials in this very important area.  Here’s the Survey link:


Thank you very much for your consideration.