Space Station Lighting Reducing Injuries In Nursing Homes

An automated light system mimicking nature’s clock helps patients in long-term care facilities.

An automated light system is keeping residents at Oak Ridge Care Center in Union Grove more alert and well-rested. The lights are called Illumalife — it mimics the progression of daylight.

The technology was first used by astronauts, Rod Heller said. “The lighting was developed specifically for the space station because they have day and light every 90 minutes as they circle the earth — they had to turn into a 24-hour day and they did that with light,” Heller said. Heller is with the Midwest Lighting Institute. He researches lights to improve health.

The Midwest Lighting Institute’s latest study found a 43% decrease in fall-related accidents inside nursing homes. This reduction was important for Oak Ridge Care Center.

“When you are people caring for people there is no one tool that solves all your problems but to know that lighting can have such an immediate and positive impact on our residents and staff is really valuable,” said Steve Kuranz, the owner and executive director of Oak Ridge Care Center.

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