WHCA/WiCAL Pledge Partners

WHCA/WiCAL is proud to recognize our Pledge Partners. These companies have united and partnered with WHCA/WiCAL with continued, unwavering support of the association and our members. Our Pledge Partners are the Association’s Elite Premier, Elite, Prime, and Select Partners, and provide over $120,000 in combined annual sponsorship to WHCA/WiCAL.

We are incredibly grateful for each one of these partners and their steadfast commitment to long term care. WHCA/WiCAL thanks these partners for their pledge to help us safeguard and strengthen representation of the long term and post-acute care profession. WHCA/WICAL could not continue the necessary advocacy, leadership, education, and support services extended to our members without the commitments from these Pledge Partners.

Please click on the company logos below, to learn more about each one of these valued partners.

Platinum Partner – $15,000+ in annual sponsorship

Elite Premier Partner – $10,000+ in annual sponsorship

Elite Partners – $7,500 in annual sponsorship


Prime Partners – $5,000 in annual sponsorship

Select Partners – $3,500 in annual sponsorship