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Established in 1951, the Wisconsin Health Care Association & Wisconsin Center for Assisted Living (WHCA/WICAL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing, protecting and advancing the interests of Wisconsin’s long-term care provider community and the residents they serve. WHCA/WiCAL is Wisconsin’s most representative association of post-acute care facilities, including skilled nursing facilities, therapy centers, and assisted living facilities, as it does not restrict membership to any particular segment of the provider community. In addition to its advocacy on behalf of its members, staff and residents, WHCA/WiCAL strives to provide its membership with the benefits of affiliation through the development and dissemination of information, training, and quality improvement assistance.

Currently, WHCA/WiCAL represents and advocates for nearly 500 individual member facilities throughout the state of Wisconsin. Join your long term care peers as members of WHCA/WiCAL, as we continue to strengthen the support and advocacy provided to our members!



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Nursing Home Membership

Join WHCA: Nursing Homes Membership

The Wisconsin Health Care Association is a proactive trade association and a major player in Wisconsin’s health care spectrum. WHCA is the state’s most representative provider association representing skilled nursing therapy providers. Its members represent a true cross-section of the long-term care and post-acute provider community – including proprietary, non-profit and government operated facilities.

As an association, WHCA is actively and professionally involved in virtually every area impacting Wisconsin’s long-term and post-acute care providers and their business colleagues. Currently, WHCA, and it’s assisted living division the Wisconsin Center for Assisted Living (WiCAL) represents about 250 facilities with over 28,000 employees caring for some 27,000 residents. WHCA staff possess the experience and knowledge needed to understand the needs of skilled nursing facility administrative and clinical staff.

WHCA membership is secured with the payment of annual dues, based on the number of licensed beds at of the beginning of a calendar year. Dues may be paid on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Membership to the American Health Care Association (AHCA) is also part of WHCA/WICAL membership and included with the annual dues. Annual dues are $62.20/bed. 

Member-Only Benefits:

  • Save Money! As WHCA Members receive member-only event pricing at conference, convention, and education programs!
  • Multi-Attendee Discounts! The more you send to Spring Conference or Fall Convention, the more you save.
  • Stay up-to-date with LTC news, information, and events as members receive our weekly CareConnection newsletter, our monthly Workforce Wednesday newsletter, our annual Continuum Magazine, and Member Memos.
  • Direct access to experts in the long term care industry
  • Advocacy! At both the state and federal levels
  • Support from a NATIONAL organization: AHCA/NCAL membership included!
  • Impactful, motivating, informative, and hot-topic educational programs. Many educational recourses and tools are free to members!
  • Support from over 125 valued Partners, who strive to provide our members with the best services, products, resources, and tools necessary to provide quality care. Many offer member-only discounts and rates!
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Assisted Living Membership


Join WiCAL: Assisted Living Membership

Membership in Wisconsin Center for Assisted Living (WiCAL), the assisted living division of WHCA/WiCAL, is tremendously valuable for Wisconsin’s assisted living providers. We are the state affiliate of the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL). WiCAL membership is secured with the payment of annual dues, based on the number of licensed beds at of the beginning of a calendar year. Membership to the NCAL is also part of WHCA/WICAL membership and included with the annual dues. Annual dues are $23.30/bed.  

For your annual membership dues you receive:

State and National Membership Benefits: Membership in both WiCAL and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), our national partner in advocacy, information, resources and commitment to quality.

Participation in WiCAL’s Performance Improvement in Assisted Living (PEAL) program: This program is intended to provide participating members with a solid foundation for performance improvement and operational success.

Advocacy and Information: The legislative activity of recent years in the area of assisted living demonstrates the need for assisted living providers to have a strong voice in both Madison and Washington, and in 2019 you will see continued need for advocacy. In addition to important legislative advocacy, membership includes a wealth of advocacy at the regulatory advocacy which will be as important in the coming years as the DHS seeks to make the budget cuts to programs that are important to the LTC community. While other associations have been on the sidelines on issues that will shape the future direction of the ALF provider community, we have had multiple staff and members dedicated to advocating for members and the provider community as a whole.

ALFs need a strong voice, from experienced staff to speak on their behalf: WHCA/WiCAL provides that voice. Members are regularly provided updates on issues and information impacting their operations and profession. In addition to the weekly and special newsletters, members enjoy the opportunity to participate in monthly membership calls for more in-depth discussions of the issues they face.

Education: WHCA/WiCAL has over 65 years of experience providing educational resources and programs for members. Members enjoy discounted fees for seminars and conventions. These are in addition to the free webinars and resources that are provided by WiCAL and NCAL.

Networking, Marketing and Professional Growth Opportunities: With WHCA/WiCAL having a diverse membership of nursing homes, CBRFs, RCACs, AFHs and vendors/businesses, members are able to learn and network with professional throughout the provider community continuum.

  • Thank you for your interest in WiCAL membership. In order for us to set up your membership, we need a some basic information. From the information provided, we will send you with an invoice for dues, which can be paid in either one or two payments. You will also be sent a link to allow you to add some information to your member profile shortly. Please complete the following information carefully. If you have questions, you are encouraged contact us directly at the WHCA/WiCAL office 608.257.0125 or
  • Member Facility Information

  • Contact Information and Billing Information

    We will need to have a primary contact at the facility to allow for communications, including newsletters, announcements, etc.

    If you have more than one person that you wish to receive this type of information at the facility, you will be able to add this to your member profile at a later date.

    Invoices will be electronically sent. For some members, invoices are directed to an email other than the "contact" person. A space is provided if you wish for invoices to go to an alternative address.

  • This person will be the fault contact for the facility. Additional contacts can be added upon registration.
  • Required if different from primary contact.
  • Required if different Primary Contact Email

For more information on becoming a member, please contact WHCA/WiCAL’s Vice President of Business Development, Jena Jackson.