WHCA/WiCAL and our members have seen many successes through the last legislative session.

As the 2023-25 legislative session draws to a close and WHCA/WiCAL’s attention turns to supporting candidates during the campaign season, we reflect on a successful legislative floor session, outlined below.

The LTC sector’s previous legislative successes did not occur by accident. As the 2024 campaign season nears, it is imperative that providers assemble the resources to position our sector to build on past successes. By contributing to the WHCA/WiCAL PAC, you are investing in the future of long-term care in Wisconsin. Extending the reach of our PAC means we’ll have greater opportunities to communicate with legislators the LTC provider community’s legislative concerns, which will translate to a more favorable outlook for the future of long-term care.

The WHCA/WiCAL PAC accepts personal checks and personal credit card donations.

2023 budget successes included:

SNF Medicaid Reimbursement

  • Maintaining the Medicaid funding increases that nursing facilities received in the 2021-23 state budget for the Direct Care-Nursing cost center to maintain the payment standard of the median facility cost + 25%;
  • An additional $146 million in state and federal funds for the Support Services cost center, to set a standard of the median facility cost + 25%;
  • $31 million in state and federal funds to ensure that nursing home provider incentives actually serve as incentives by having incentives calculated outside of a facility’s total rate;
  • $10 million in state and federal funds to increase reimbursement for nursing facility-based ventilator care;

Family Care Funding

For Family Care providers, $264 million in additional state and federal funding, including:

  • $38.5 million for the Direct Care Workforce Fund, and
  • $226 million over the biennium to maintain a 5% cost-to-continue increase for HCBS.


$2 million in state funds to continue Wisconsin’s WisCaregiver Careers nurse aide training and certification program.

Please contact WHCA/WiCAL CEO Rick Abrams with questions or to inquire about corporate dollar opportunities.

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