ICYMI: Nursing Home and Long-Term Care Facility Infection Prevention and Infrastructure Matching Grant Update

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recently provided an update about the Infection Prevention and Infrastructure Matching Grant. According to DHS, they received over 1,000 applications from nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other types of LTCFs with more than $13 million requested in reimbursement. These requests exceeded the approximately $4.8 million granted to DHS by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

After reviewing, nearly 600 applications met submission criteria and were approved to receive matching funds. Approved applications still exceeded the available funds, so DHS will be using the following strategy to equitably distribute funds to all approved applications while meeting the federal stipulation that at least half of the total awarded funds must be used in Wisconsin nursing homes.

  • All approved applications, regardless of facility type, will receive 100% of the funds that were approved for non-staffing recruitment and retention projects.
  • In addition,
    • Nursing homes will receive 68% of the funds that were approved for staffing recruitment and retention projects.
    • Assisted living facilities and other LTCFs will receive 53% of the funds that were approved for staffing recruitment and retention projects.

Award Notifications

DHS will begin emailing award notifications within the next few days to all applicants. Please be aware that the notification process will take numerous weeks, as over 1,000 award notification emails are sent. If you submitted an application, you will receive an email from the DHS LTC Grant mailbox indicating full approval, partial approval, or unapproved application status. Please do not send specific inquiries about the status of your application at this time in the interest of expediting the notification distribution process.


Please send your questions to the DHS LTC Grant team.

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