ICYMI: From AHCA/NCAL: Important clarification to recent CDC updated respiratory guidance: Does not apply to nursing facilities settings but does apply to assisted living settings

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) issued updated guidance for respiratory viruses in community settings. The CDC’s Respiratory Virus Guidance is intended for a general audience and community settings, including assisted living communities. It does not apply to health care settings, including nursing homes. 

The CDC offers separate, specific guidance for health care settings (COVID-19general infection prevention and control, and flu) and Interim Guidance for Managing Healthcare Personnel with SARS-CoV-2 Infection or Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 that is not currently changing. Nursing homes remain under the health care setting guidance and are therefore not impacted by these updates.

Please note that if your state has specific guidance, ensure you are following the local directions.

The CDC’s goal in making these updates is to simplify its recommendations while continuing to protect people against respiratory viruses. It noted effective vaccines against respiratory viruses and reduced hospitalizations and death from COVID-19 as driving factors for this new guidance.

Please email COVID19@ahca.org with any questions.