EMResource Tracking System: Reporting Strongly Recommended for Providers

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is strongly encouraging nursing homes to report the number of skilled nursing facility (SNF) beds available in their location each day to EMResource as part of a bed tracking system. With the daily reports from nursing homes, DHS hopes the “SNF bed tracker” will provide a real time picture of bed availability across the state, which hospitals can use as they work to identify potential post-acute care placements for their patients. In an EMResource Update , DHS wrote, “Reporting is optional, and strongly encouraged.” DHS has delivered the same message in its meetings with both nursing homes and hospitals.

The EMResource Bed Tracking System tracks bed availability, identifies the number of patients pending post-acute discharges, and provides a real-time picture of bed capacity in both hospitals and nursing homes across the state. The system, expanded in March 2021 to include a nursing home dashboard, has the ability to save hospitals and nursing homes many hours of searching for beds by phone and email.

DHS is asking area hospitals and nursing homes to work together to populate and use the SNF bed tracker as a resource. In March, DHS hosted a training webinar for nursing homes to introduce the tracker’s reporting capabilities. The webinar recording can be accessed HERE.

To request a user account for your facility, please send your name, facility and email address to DHSEMResource@dhs.wisconsin.gov.

We know that you are very busy but we ask that you make every effort to register with EMResource and report bed availability data at least weekly.

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