New Information Released About Second Round of Wisconsin CARES Act Funding

WHCA/WiCAL received details yesterday, and additional details today, on the second round of funding for the CARES Act Provider Payments. The application will open in early September and will close on September 30. The Phase 2 implementation will take into account COVID related expenses and losses from March to August 2020.

Other details provided were:

  1. The program will no longer count federal CARES Act payments in determining Phase 2 payment amounts. However, COVID-19 related losses and expenses to meet federal payments cannot also be used to meet the CAPP program. The application will still require that applicants provide this information, but it will not be used to offset COVID-related losses and expenses in determining the payment amount. This also includes PPP loans – they will no longer be counted in determining payment amounts for Phase 2.
  2. There will be only one payment. Once all applications have been received with a deadline of September 30, 2020, the state will review applications to determine how much each provider will receive. This will be done within each provider type, so that each provider type will receive the total amount the state had projected at the beginning of the program for that provider group.
  3. The state will take into account the state-directed CAPP payments that have been made in Phase 1 for the Phase 2 payment amount.
  4. Nursing Homes will be asked to provide patient days for the March to August time period for 2019 and 2020. Using the 2019 average daily rate, the state will calculate the total lost revenue.

There are still outstanding questions and points that require clarification at this point which WHCA/WiCAL will be following up on and updating members as details become available. Please contact Director of Reimbursement Policy Kate Dickson with questions.

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