PEAL Update: Data for the Quarter III Reporting Period Can be Submitted Starting Tomorrow until October 15

For members currently participating in the WiCAL PEAL program, data for the Quarter III reporting period can be submitted from October 1-15. Submission of your quarterly QV information is a necessary component of participation in PEAL/WCCEAL, and failure to do so will affect your participation status and access to valuable data. For those members that may have missed an entry or two in the past and that has affected their participation status, it is particularly critical for you to make your quarterly submission in order to retain full participation status.

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to properly submit your Quality Improvement variables are available in the PEAL Participation Packet.

* PLEASE NOTE: data can be saved BEFORE final submission. You are able to complete and save your data now. However, remember, the final step is actually selecting the “Submit” button during the specified submission period.

An important part of internal quality assurance and improvement is to know data about key aspects of your operations, how this data changes over time and how you compare to other assisted living communities.

Recall, as part of the WCCEAL initiative each community will collect and report key indicators to a central repository. These indicators include:

  • Demographics including intended, primary, and secondary client groups served; occupancy; staff size; RN access; staff retention.
  • Quality improvement structure including quality improvement activities, infection control, and staff immunization.
  • Quality improvement process including receiving input, improving satisfaction, and communication.
  • Quality improvement outcome including falls, infections, and hospital readmissions.

Communities will be able to access their data approximately fifteen days after the submission period ends.

For additional information or questions about the PEAL program, please contact WiCAL’s Executive Director, Brian Purtell at or Kelsey Mueller at

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