WHCA/WiCAL Needs You to Ensure Your Voting Representative is Up-To-Date


WHCA/WiCAL needs to make sure the list of authorized facility voting representatives is up-to-date for purposes of the Annual Business Meeting, which is being held during the Fall Convention at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells on Thursday, October 22.

If your facility or company has made any changes on who is authorized to vote in the WHCA/WiCAL Annual Business Meeting, please email those changes to Jammie Moore or fax them to 608-257-0025, using this FORM. Please submit the form to our office no later than Monday, October 12.

Click HERE to view the existing list of authorized WHCA/WiCAL voting representatives.

Delegate Voting Rights and Proxies

The right and privilege of voting on all proper questions at the WHCA/WiCAL Annual Business Meeting is fully extended to a representative of all regular member facilities providing such member’s dues are paid through the quarter ending June 30, 2015. If you do not know whether your dues are up-to-date, please call Jammie Moore at 608-257-0125.

An individual may cast as many votes as he/she holds active facility memberships. However, he/she must register extra votes with the Credentials Committee.

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