Nursing Facility Survey Insight – CMS’ Life Safety Code Focus

A member has reported that during their recent survey a DQA surveyor was quite helpful in providing the facility with a heads up on what CMS will focus on in the area of Life Safety Code if they come in to do a Look Behind Survey:

  • CMS will be looking at oxygen policies to make sure that they address the use of oxygen in a beauty shop where hair dryers or any heat source is present;
  • More importantly, CMS will inquire whether the facility is doing an annual electrical receptacle test. If a facility does not have all hospital grade outlets, CMS expects that a receptacle test is done annually. If a facility has hospital grade receptacles, all that is required is one test in a lifetime. The testing needs to document polarity, grounding and outlet retention of at least four (4) ounces itemized for every single outlet in your building.

We hope that you find this information from the field helpful.

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