The 40th Annual Care Classic: $10,000 is big. $1,000,000 is BIGGER.

WHCA/WiCAL welcomes all members, business partners, and guests to partake in the 40th Annual Care Classic, on Monday, July 16, 2018, at The Oaks Golf Course in Cottage Grove, WI.

Find information about the 40th Annual Care Classic HERE!


New this year, WHCA/WiCAL welcomes Dixon Golf as a sponsor of the Care Classic. Dixon Golf will be sponsoring two games on the course: The Dixon Challenge and the Aurelius Driver Challenge – every player that participates in these games has the chance at $1,000,000!! Yes, you read that correctly: one million dollars!

Dixon Golf, makers of the world’s first high-performance, eco-friendly golf ball, is pioneering a nationwide effort to reduce the 300 million golf balls deposited into landfills every year. Dixon Golf is proud to have sponsored thousands of tournaments across the county, raising more than $1.5 Million for tournament beneficiaries. They have also presented prizes and gifts to tournament participants in excess of $1 Million.

WHCA/WiCAL thanks Dixon Golf for their support of this charitable golf outing, and proceeds from participation in Dixon Golf’s on-course games goes directly to the George E. MacKenzie Education Scholarship fund. Learn more about Dixon Golf at

The Annual Care Classic Golf Tournament is a fun-filled event, where camaraderie takes precedence over competition, and even non-golfers are encouraged and welcomed join in the fun!

Find information about the 40th Annual Care Classic HERE!


We welcome individual registrants, twosomes, and foursomes.

Practice your swing and get those clubs shined up. We’ll see you on the links in July!

If you have any questions, email Jena Jackson at or call her at 608.257.0125. Watch your email for updates and additional info about the Care Classic.

THANK YOU to our Care Classic sponsors:

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