Home-Based Long Term Care Included in the Republican Convention Platform

The Republican National Committee released its official platform this Monday, July 18, and elderly patient preferences, which tend to coincide with home health care, are a focal point.

“Because most seniors desire to age at home, we will make homecare a priority in public policy and will implement programs to protect against elder abuse,” the platform reads.

That is a slight departure from the party’s 2012 platform, which included provisions on seniors’ choices and combating elder abuse, but also a call “to ensure that quality care is provided across the care continuum from home to nursing home to hospice.”

Other health care related areas of interest to the platform are the preservation of Medicare and Medicaid, while simultaneously limiting their reach; repealing the Affordable Care Act; and increasing funding for Alzheimer’s Research, a consequence of the rising number of baby boomers that are now being diagnosed with the disease.

See the 2016 GOP platform in its entirety here.