Wisconsin Long-term Care Workforce Alliance Begins Postcards to Policymakers Campaign

The Wisconsin Long-Term Care Workforce Alliance – of which WHCA/WiCAL is a member – has begun a campaign to send postcards to state legislators to raise awareness about Wisconsin’s ongoing long-term care workforce crisis.

The Alliance is a coalition of provider associations and other stakeholders who are joining together to address Wisconsin’s frontline caregiver shortage.

The postcard campaign will give direct caregivers at facilities across Wisconsin a simple format to join the effort and spread the word about the workforce crisis.

WHCA/WiCAL staff will be distributing post cards to members at District meetings across the state. Administrators are encouraged to take a handful of postcards to take back to their facility to have staff fill out and mail in to their legislators.

Click HERE to see a .pdf of the postcard.

The Wisconsin Long-Term Care Workforce Alliance’s Postcards to Policymakers campaign is another communication tool available to WHCA/WiCAL members to make sure legislators know the dire need to address issues facing the long-term care community.

Visit this page for more information on WHCA/WiCAL’s ongoing legislative outreach efforts.