January = PEAL/WCCEAL Quality Variables + Resident Satisfaction Survey Generation

An important part of internal quality assurance and improvement is to know data about key aspects of your operations and how this data changes over time and how you compare to other assisted living communities.  Members of WiCAL PEAL program are a part of the larger WCCEAL (Wisconsin Collaborative Coalition for Excellence in Assisted Living) initiative.

January 1-15 is submission time line for Quarter 4 (October 1- December 31) quality variables.  Click here for the PEAL Guide with step by step instructions on submitting QI Variables via WCCEAL.  (Page 10)

January 1 – 31 is time line for each facility to generate their resident satisfaction survey.  Go to the WCCEAL website, enter your username and password, click on “generate survey”, customize the survey cover page form, click “save and generate survey PDF” and print the number of Satisfaction Survey based on your census.   You can order return envelopes from WCCEAL on the survey page free of charge.  Although surveys need to be generated by January 31, you have the first quarter of 2018 to have them completed.

The Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis (CHSRA), UW Madison will process the surveys.  It is important that all surveys are completed and submitted to CHSRA by April 30, 2018.

As always please reach out to Jackie Strader at jackie@whcawical.org with any questions.

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