National Quality Awards: A Quality Journey Available Exclusively to Members

If you haven’t already considered it, WHCA/WiCAL encourages all members to consider joining peers across the state who have applied for the prestigious National Quality Awards! National Quality Awards let local health care systems and members of the community know that your facility is committed to quality.

Earlier this week, WHCA/WiCAL hosted a one-hour webinar featuring Courtney Bishnoi, Senior Director of Quality at the American Health Care Association, who explained the great value of the National Quality Awards program and the Baldrige Core Values upon which the program is based.

The webinar also provided useful information to help members complete a National Quality Awards application.

Watch an archived version of the webinar HERE.

This year’s Quality Awards application deadline is Thursday, January 26 at 7 p.m. Central Time.

For more information and to begin an application, click HERE.


The AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program provides a pathway for providers of long term and post-acute care services to journey towards performance excellence. The program is based on the core values and criteria of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

Member centers may apply for three progressive levels of awards: Bronze—Commitment to Quality, Silver—Achievement in Quality, or Gold—Excellence in Quality.  Each level has its own distinct rigors and requirements for quality and performance excellence.

bronze Level 1: Bronze Award – Commitment to Quality

The goal of this award level is to provide applicants with the tools and resources they need to achieve performance improvement.


silverLevel 2: Silver Award – Achievement in Quality

At this level, applicants continue to learn and develop effective approaches that help improve performance and health care outcomes.


gold Level 3: Gold Award – Excellence in Quality

At this level, applicants must show superior performance in areas of the criteria including leadership, strategic planning, and customer and staff satisfaction.