Tune in to the new Facebook Live Series: PEAL Pause, with Jena Jackson. Hosted at 10 AM CDT on the third Wednesday of each month, Jena will provide support and information to PEAL participants. Each pause is no more than 10 mins, and provides listeners and viewers with quick snippets of information, support, and ideas, covering everything from hot topics to education to marketing ideas.

If you missed the May 17 PEAL Pause, don’t worry! Listen or watch here: https://fb.watch/kCn9rAUaYI/

Achieving excellence in assisted living requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs of residents while promoting their autonomy, dignity, and quality of life. The Performance Excellence in Assisted Living (PEAL) program is designed to provide WiCAL members with key performance improvement techniques, along with the guidance and support needed to ensure WiCAL members achieve the highest standards of excellence in the assisted living sector. Through PEAL, WiCAL members are able to ensure their residents and resident families know of the commitment and dedication to excellence.

Unlike other programs, participating in PEAL is free to all WiCAL members. The goal of the association is to have all WiCAL members enrolled in PEAL. We encourage all members to maximize their membership benefits by enrolling in PEAL. The first step to becoming facility with high quality outcomes, is to enroll in PEAL. Once you complete the PEAL application, WHCA/WiCAL will enroll you into the Wisconsin Collaborative Coalition for Excellence in Assisted Living (WCCEAL)! It’s never too late to start on your quality journey! Let us help you become the best of the best amongst Wisconsin’s Assisted Living Communities!

Learn more about PEAL, and the Wisconsin Collaborative Coalition for Excellence in Assisted Living (WCCEAL) here: https://www.whcawical.org/peal-program/

Click HERE to Enroll Your Facility in PEAL


Email jena@whcawical.org with any questions.