Kaiser Health News Releases Report on Hospital Readmission Penalties

According to a report by Kaiser Health News, 49 hospitals out of 66 hospital analyzed in Wisconsin received a penalty from the Hospital Resadmissions Reduction Program.

Click HERE to read the report by Kaiser Health News.

The average penalty for Wisconsin hospitals was a Medicare payment reduction of 0.38 percent per patient stay, which will be applied to payments starting October for the federal fiscal year. That’s below the national average of 0.61 percent.

In an article published in Wisconsin Health News, a subscription news service, the Wisconsin Hospital Association noted that the penalties in Wisconsin are low compared to other states. Forty-one hospitals received a penalty of less than 1 percent and no hospitals received the maximum penalty of 3 percent.

“This is one of the toughest areas to address because hospitals are not in full control of what happens to a patient when they leave the hospital,” WHA Chief Quality Officer Kelly Court said in a statement to Wisconsin Health News. “Readmissions work requires a lot of coordination, communication and cooperation across multiple organizations and with healthcare professionals and family members,  but Wisconsin hospitals are embracing this challenge and are working hard to decrease their readmission rates.”

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