In-Person Assisted Living Forum Held

Alfred Johnson

The Bureau of Assisted Living (BAL) held the in-person Assisted Living Forum Tuesday at Madison College in downtown Madison.

The meeting’s agenda included:

  • BAL Updates
  • Resident Rights to Treatment and Care (Kim Marheine, Board on Aging and Long Term Care, and Alfred Johnson, Director, Bureau of Assisted Living) — Power of Attorney and Guardianship
  • State of Assisted Living — January thru June, 2015 (Alfred Johnson, BAL Director)
  • In the afternoon, Breakout Sessions for CBRFs, RCAC, AFHs and ADCs

Johnson introduced several new staff members during the meeting including the following:

  • Michelle Crockett, Regional Director for Southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha Counties.
  • Sandra Culligan, a new surveyor position
  • Lori Smithback, an Assisted Living Licensing Associate
  • Chquota Carter, Assisted Living Licensing Associate
  • For a full list of Bureau of Assisted Living staff click HERE

Johnson announced that RESOLVE forums will be held in the Fall, but dates and locations have not yet been released. Stay tuned to CareConnection for dates, times and locations of these forums.

During his remarks, Johnson gave an update on some of the Bureau of Assisted Living’s continuing efforts to increase the availability of e-licensure and e-payment. Johnson also reported that there will be an upcoming Falls webinar that will be announced. The webinar will be live, but will also be recorded for future viewing, he said.

Click HERE for details of the webinar.

In the State of Assisted Living portion of the Forum, Johnson only briefly went through citation data, as he said there would be greater emphasis at the next in-person AL Forum. However, he did point out his surprise regarding the number of citations given to facilities that did not hold “Other Evacuation Drills” including tornado drills.

A group of 6-7 students from the La Follette School of Public Affairs will be conducting an analysis of the BAL Enforcement Process to be conducted, Johnson reported. The project is expected to begin in November or December and conclude with the issuance of a report in May 2016, he said. The report is expected to monitor surveys on-site and most likely include interviews with provider association representatives and providers as well.

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