DHS Publishes Emergency Rule to Maintain Temporary, Emergency Nurse Aide Programs

On Monday, August 10, The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) published a Proposed Order to Adopt Emergency Rules related to nurse aide training in Wisconsin. The Emergency Rule was published in the official state newspaper, the Wisconsin State Journal. 

See the published rule here. 

The Emergency Rule is effective as of publication. For providers, this means that the previously required waiver process to begin and/or continue a Temporary Nurse Aide or Emergency Nurse Aide program is no longer required. These programs are available to all nursing homes, regardless of waiver status. For many providers who have already implemented one or both of these programs, no changes should occur.  

For more information on the temporary and emergency nurse aide programs, please visit this page. 

The emergency rule remains in effect only for a period of 150 days unless it is extended by the legislative Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules. The EmR will now enter a passive review period, where the rule will be referred to committees in both chambers of the legislature. WHCA/WiCAL plans to advocate to committee chairs to allow the rule to pass through the passive review process without interruption.