Division of Quality Assurance: Recent Survey Trends

As previously reported, WHCA/WiCAL staff has met biweekly with Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These meetings have been very helpful to learn what DQA surveyors are observing in the field. DQA surveyors continue to see these trends as they visit nursing facilities:

  • Inadequate hand hygiene;
  • Inadequate training of infection preventionists;
  • Resident and/or family grievances not being followed up on;
  • Not screening facility visitors for evidence of possible COVID infection;
  • Unaddressed resident severe weight loss and dehydration.

We continue to meet with DQA leadership on the survey process. We hope that the above trends will guide your focus in resident care.

Questions or comments? Please contact Pat Boyer, pat@whcawical.org; Jim Stoa, jstoa@whcawical.org; or Rick Abrams, rick@whcawical.org .

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