Members: Please Update Staff Contact Information!

TO: WHCA/WiCAL Members
FROM: Jackie Strader, WHCA/WiCAL Director of Quality Advancement and Regulatory Affairs
RE: Please Update Facility Staff Information

Time flies!  I cannot believe it has been more than a month since I started my role as the Director of Quality Advancement and Regulatory Affairs here at WHCA/WiCAL.  I have enjoyed connecting with our many dedicated member providers, as well as other LTC stakeholders.

One ongoing goal of our association is to provide membership with updated quality resources and regulatory updates. To achieve this goal, I need your help.  It is a simple request!

Please update new staff positions as you experience turnover at your facility. We are always looking for new contact information for Administrators, DONs, finance/business office contacts, and any other staff who would benefit from receiving our communications. Please also notify WHCA/WiCAL of any facility name changes.

Please take time to submit this information HERE.  Feel free to include any of your clinical staff you feel would benefit from our shared resources.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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