Nursing Home Case Mix Rosters Available

Quarterly case mix index (CMI) resident rosters for April 1, 2019 nursing home rates (showing resident acuity for the picture quarter period July 1 through September 30, 2018) are now available on the ForwardHealth Portal. April 1, 2019 rates have not been set at this time. Your regional auditor will contact you about your timeline for rate approval.

These summary rosters show a single CMI applied to each Medicaid resident who was in the facility during the picture quarter. To request a detailed roster showing the CMI of every assessment for each resident and the corresponding number of patient days at each Resource Utilization Group level, contact your regional auditor.

To access your case mix roster, log in to the ForwardHealth Portal and click on “Trade Files,” then “File Download.” The rosters are only accessible to the Portal administrator and to those with the Portal security role “trade files.”

To grant access to a staff member who already has a Portal account but does not have the “trade files” security role, have your Portal Administrator follow the instructions in the Provider Portal Account User Guide, section 6 Clerk Maintenance. To request provider Portal access for your organization, complete the Request Portal Access form on the ForwardHealth Portal. If you need technical assistance with your Portal account or Portal functions, contact the ForwardHealth Portal Help Desk at 866-908-1363.

For other questions, please contact WHCA/WiCAL Director of Reimbursement, Kate Dickson

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