Legislative Facility Tours

It is an ideal time to invite legislators to tour your campus, meet with administrators and staff, and interact with residents.

Have you set up your legislative facility tours yet?

It’s election season, which is the perfect time to send an invitation to your state legislators to tour your facility and gain a greater understanding of your facility’s ongoing efforts to offer the best skilled nursing and assisted living care available.

The tours have begun, and we’ve heard from both providers and legislators that they’ve been worthwhile experiences.

Download and print or request a printed copy of the 2020 Workforce Report to give to your legislators. A tour with a legislator is an ideal time to discuss your facility’s own unique challenges as a result of the ongoing caregiver shortage crisis.

The 3-page WHCA/WiCAL Legislative Outreach Guide has specific instructions and on how to conduct a legislative tour. Please contact WHCA/WiCAL Communications and Government Relations Specialist, Allison Cramer, if you need help setting up a facility tour, or please let her know when you have scheduled a tour with both your State Senator and State Assembly Representative.

WHCA/WiCAL is committed to sharing the story of Wisconsin’s long term care community to make sure that local and state elected officials, as well as other stakeholders, understand the challenges involved with the workforce shortage. But the most influential testimony comes from YOU and the staff, residents, and patients you serve!

Thank you to all those who have provided a tour!