You are not in this alone: remember, WHCA/WiCAL is here to help!

Dear members:

Your association serves many functions, encapsulated in the three pillars of WHCA/WiCAL: Advocacy, Education, and Excellence.

The last two are critically important, and we are always thriving to provide current, useful Educational opportunities, as well has working with providers (SNF and AL) to advance high standards of Excellence for the care and services you provide.

The first pillar, Advocacy, means many things. For example, right now, WHCA/WiCAL is working closely with key legislators to provide needed reimbursement increases for SNF Medicaid and Family Care in the 2023-25 state budget. We are also working to advance regulatory reform on the state and federal levels.

However, Advocacy is much broader than legislative outreach. We also work directly with members to help troubleshoot other areas of frustration or confusion, whether it be related to regulatory/survey concerns with DQA or CMS, or whether it is related to payment questions and concerns with the DHS Division of Medicaid Services (DMS).

I recently was in communication with a member who had not received their 2023 Medicaid payment rates. Once we learned of the ongoing problem, we engaged with DMS to advocate on behalf of the provider who was in need of the new rates.

While WHCA/WiCAL staff is constantly working to maintain a finger on the pulse of the LTC environment in Wisconsin, please remember that many times, we are not able to assist members unless they let us know they are experiencing problems. In those circumstances, please always remember that your Association stands ready to serve and assist you in any way. Please call upon us at any time.  We are your advocate and your resource.  We are always here to help you especially during these challenging and difficult times.


Rick Abrams
516-241-2879 (cellular/text anytime)