Wisconsin’s 2024 State Election Candidate Field is Set

Now that the State Election Commission’s June 3rd deadline for candidates to turn in ballot nomination signatures is past, the state’s fall election outlook is more clear, at least for the August 13 partisan primary, which will include many contested primary races.

You can view a full list of candidates for state legislative office (as well as candidates for US Senate and Congress), including primary candidate information, HERE.

With new legislative maps in place after a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision overturned the previously-implemented electoral boundaries, Wisconsin’s 2024 state elections are set to be more competitive than they have been in more than a decade. That is evident in the number of contested legislative races across the state. Democrats have fielded candidates in 97 of 99 Assembly districts and all 16 Senate districts up for election, and Republicans are mobilizing their large majorities in both houses of the legislature in an effort to maintain majorities headed into the 2024-25 session.

More than 20 incumbents will face primary challengers on August 13. The new legislative districts have led to some sitting legislators being paired with other incumbents, including Rep. Donna Rozar and Rep. John Spiros in the 86th Assembly District, Rep. Michael Schraa and Rep. Nate Gustafson in the 55thAssembly District, and Rep. Peter Schmidt and Rep. Elijah Behnke in the 6thAssembly District.

As we turn to the 2024 elections, LTC providers must ensure we have a seat at the table for important discussions about the future of healthcare in Wisconsin. WHCA/WiCAL has succeeded in raising our platform with key decisionmakers, and we believe our increased campaign support for those policymakers who support LTC has been an integral part of our political outreach successes.

You have seen first-hand the importance of the Association’s advocacy. WHCA/WiCAL’s political giving plays a pivotal role in advocacy efforts for the LTC provider community, and that advocacy is critical as we look to achieve ongoing budget success so providers can not only survive, but thrive.

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