What You Need to Know: Report on Meeting with DQA

WHCA/WiCAL staff met with DQA staff for our monthly meeting on Thursday, February 17th. Here are several important things that members need to know coming out of the meeting:

  • Past Non-compliance:
    •  DQA advised that Past Non-compliance is not a germane topic for Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR). Very disappointing.
    • Staff asked DQA for a Past Non-compliance satisfaction checklist for use in the event a survey team visits the facility post a self-reported incident. DQA agreed to provide it.
  • Increase in customer service complaints: We were advised that customer services complaints from NF and AL residents and families were on the rise. Failure to answer the phone despite repeated attempts was particularly prevalent. DQA will be assembling a Division/Provider work group to isolate particularly troublesome areas. They then plan to take the presentation on the road to the NF and AL provider community. Importantly, the road show is designed to hear directly from providers on the challenges they are currently facing.
  • F888: NF Vaccine mandate: DQA is currently assessing their survey experience thus far. But thus far, the experience has been very good. As of February 17th, the Division has surveyed 51 NFs. Only 4 facilities have been cited and none serious.  Only Level C and D deficiencies. DQA data reflects that statewide, NF staff vaccination rates (two shot series or one shot of J & J) has exceeded 90%. Great work!
  • Survey Areas of Concerns: DQA advised us of three areas of concern from recent surveys:
    • Positioning of bed side rails as an asphyxiation hazard. DQA cited two such unfortunate incidents;
    • Actiivities: The lack of a qualified person to be the Activities Director.  DQA acknowledged the labor shortage in this area. However, they advised that federal regulation does not give them any flexibility. They suggested having an Activities Director from another facility cover while a new person is obtaining his/her certification. The Wisconsin Representatives of Activities Professionals, wrap-wi.org ,may be another option for temporary coverage.
    • Dietary: Again, DQA recognizes the staffing challenges but they are finding that temporary dietary staff are not knowledgeable of resident special dietary needs.
  • Turnover of Administrators and DONs continue. Since January 1st, 45 Administrators and 39 DONs have left
  • Surveyor requirements for vaccinations will be in place. Click HERE for more information.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact Jena Jackson, jena@whcawical.org or Rick Abrams, rick@whcawical.org .

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