Webinar – Mindfulness & Self Care, the Art of Slowing Down in Order to Speed Up

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Mindfulness, the awareness of being in the moment is key to jumpstarting the current disengaged, disconnected workforce. The sea of change we have been experiencing have negatively affected our emotions, dampened our concentration, and warped our people skills. Siri and Alexa have become our “go-to” person for solving problems. Who knows you the best? Siri, Alexa, or you? You know yourself the best. Mindfulness sharpens our self awareness. It attunes us with our strengths and weaknesses. Mindfulness gives that equanimity, composure, and the levelheaded-ness during workplace storms. Mindfulness leads to calmness. A calm mind expands. A chaotic mind contracts. Self care is about putting on our own oxygen mask first, before attempting to resuscitate everyone around us. It is self development. When we take care of ourselves we think clearly, we eat healthy, we become hopeful about our future, we envision brighter things for the future, we find cheap solutions to work problems, we exercise better common sense and presence of mind.

The ability to remain focused on a task, while there is chaos all around us requires being in the moment. Mindfulness improves our level of concentration, so that we don’t keep glancing at texts thirty times a day when the sound alerts us. We know when and how to say no, mentally. Employees are facing burnout, fatigue, and stress. The “physically present, emotionally absent” employee’s disengagement can turn the workplace energy into a dull, stressful set up. Mindfulness and self care are the tools to heal and “fill in” that emotional absenteeism.

Mindfulness does not mean passiveness; it is an empowering state to live life with powerful reins rather than living like a Yo-Yo. The mindful employee stands out when one toxic employees begins to infect the workspace. Before the silently lethal Carbon Monoxide type toxicity permeates and drives out the good employees, the mindful employee sniffs it our early on and crushes it with firmness. Yes, mindful employees have tenacity. They prevent small problems from becoming major ones later on.
In the Zoom waiting room, close your eyes and engage in breathing exercises while you are waiting to be let in; during e-mail “wars” take a few minutes to breathe rather than hitting that “send” button on an e-mail that could cost your job three years later. This is how mindfulness and self care slow us down, in order to speed us up.


  • How to practice mindfulness during Zoom calls; Eg: In the Zoom waiting room, practice breathing exercises rather than looking at the Tik Tok feed.
  • How to take care of one’s self, by saying “no” especially to family members, and allowing them to take responsibility
  • How to overcome mental obsessions, through mindfulness and self care techniques. Eg: Overcoming the obsession to check our texts thirty times a day, thus improving our concentration at work
  • How to practice mindfulness to jumpstart a disengaged workforce
  • How to infuse meditation, reflection, solitude, and for some, prayer, into your hectic schedule as a way to boost productivity

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