WCCEAL QI Variables Reports Review Period ends June 14

Reminder for all WCCEAL Members: In order to continue as or become Gold Members, each facility must review their 2024 1st Quarter QI Variables Reports and 2024 Satisfaction Survey Reports by June 14, 2024.

If these are not reviewed before the end of the reports review period, current Gold Members will not be listed as Gold Members on the public membership list which will go live on June 19, 2024. This is also a requirement for all other WCCEAL members wishing to obtain Gold Member status in the future.

See below for information on how to review the reports:

Click Here: https://qid.wisc.edu/login/index.php

  • Log in to the QID website
  • Click the eQuality tab
    • Click the surveys tab
      • Review the 2024 reports listed under Satisfaction Survey Reports
    • Click the QI Variables tab
      • Review the Quarter 1 2024 reports listed under Quality Improvement Variables Reports
  • More information on reading or customizing the reports can be found here: https://qid.wisc.edu/equality/qi-variables/how-to-read-your-report.php

If you have any questions about WCCEAL, please contact our Director of Administration and Association Services, Taylor Larson, at taylor@whcawical.org.

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