WCCEAL 101 Webinar: An Overview and Open Discussion

Join WHCA/WiCAL on February 1, from 10 – 11 AM CST, for an introductory educational webinar on the Wisconsin Coalition for Collaborative Excellence in Assisted Living (WCCEAL) program.

During this webinar, Vice President of Business Development, Jena Jackson, along with Director of Administration and Association Services, Taylor Larson, will provide a WCCEAL 101 for Wisconsin’s assisted living providers. The webinar will include an overview of WCCEAL, the simple enrollment process, the benefits of participation, and addressing the most frequently asked questions. We will also open the floor to attendees to ask any questions they have about WCCEAL. We hope to see you on February 1!


Who should participate? This webinar is open to all of Wisconsin’s assisted living providers and their staff. This includes all providers actively enrolled in WCCEAL and those currently on a suspension.

What is the cost? This webinar is free to all participants. Additionally, WCCEAL is a FREE program to participate in!

When is the webinar being hosted? Wednesday, February 1, from 10 AM – 11 AM. Click HERE on February 1 at 10 AM to join the webinar.

Where can I learn more about WCCEAL? Visit https://qid.wisc.edu/ and click on WCCEAL. Or email jena@whcawical.org and taylor@whcawical.org with any WCCEAL questions.

Click the LINK below to join the webinar:


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