Vaccine Disco Party and Other Great Ideas to Support Staff Vaccination

In hard times, it’s even more important to celebrate the little victories, and that’s exactly what the team at Congregational Home – Brookfield did last week at their disco themed vaccination clinic. We spoke with President and CEO Kris Sprtel to get the details.

The idea central to the party was to change the tone from fear and uncertainty to levity and fun. Sprtel highlighted that Marketing Director Catherine Solakian put her creative powers to work in conceiving of and organizing the event. “All the credit goes to my creative Marketing Director who helped us to make this a fun, exciting event right down to a disco song play list that we had playing all day along with a disco ball light!” Sprtel said.

The party featured a festive display table showcasing vaccine information and pictures of prominent public figures such as Dr. Fauci, President-Elect Biden and Vice President Pence getting their shots. Sprtel even embraced the good example strategy by sharing her vaccination picture!

The team also harnessed the power of positive peer pressure in collecting and displaying the staff’s reasons for getting vaccinated which ranged from heartfelt to humorous. A prominent goal thermometer documented that the team had reached its 75% vaccination goal.

Sprtel credits persistent messaging and information sharing for their success. “Our Director of Nursing Emily Alessi conducted many mandatory education sessions for staff and put in a lot of effort to try to dispel negativity.” Sprtel said. “We still have some that are unsure and hope to have them reconsider in time for our second clinic on February 6th.”

Sprtel added “Keep the conversation going with effort to figure out why someone is saying NO. Educate, Educate, Educate – the more reputable pieces of information that can be shared helps to alleviate the negativity found on the internet.”

The party even garnered positive press coverage for Congregational Home and was featured in local news outlets (WISNWLAX/WEUX).

Other Ideas to Consider: 

  • Dedicate time at your regular staff meetings or gatherings to share information about the facility’s plan for the vaccine clinic (dates, pharmacy, etc.) and address concerns
  • Make the clinic fun!
  • Host a town hall meeting to specifically focus on the vaccine
  • Encourage caregivers to post photos receiving the vaccine, using #GotVaccinated, on social media
  • Gift card drawings during vaccine clinics
  • Share photos of facility and company higher ups receiving the vaccine
  • Have snacks at the vaccine clinic
  • Post signs around the facility and have buttons or stickers for staff to wear indicating they have been vaccinated
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