The Long-Term Care Data Cooperative

During this weeks AHCA/NCAL call, Dr David Gifford, announced a project in place to gather information from skilled nursing facilities for utilization during ongoing  treatment initiatives and in future public health in long term care.  This initiative will not take any of your facility time, just an agreement with AHCA/NCAL to join the project.

WHCA/WiCAL is asking for your help and encourages you to enroll in the newly created AHCA LTC Data Cooperative.

Currently, approximately 1,000 skilled nursing facilities are participating; and, having your participation will make this more effective. This Cooperative is a provider-led initiative that gathers EMR data from nursing homes that can be used for three purposes:

  1. Provide you with data reports and comparative data to assist with resident care
  2. Conduct public health surveillance such as the spread of multi-drug resistant infections in LTC
  3. Conduct effectiveness research about what treatments and practices are most effective among our resident populations.

The three largest EMR vendors: AHT, MatrixCare and PCC have agreed to send your data to the Cooperative once you enroll. There is no burden, cost, or requirements for individual centers should you choose to participate, thanks to a grant from the National Institute of Aging.

You can find more information in the PDF file or at

Please contact Jena Jackson at or Rick Abrams at for more information.

To enroll or answer any questions you may have, please contact the AHCA LTC Data Cooperative team at and someone on the team will email you a copy of the participation agreement to review.