Scholarships Available! 2022 WHCA/WiCAL Leadership Academy

WHCA/WiCAL has designed this Leadership Academy for the unique needs and demands of health care professionals. Professionals at any stage of their career are invited to join this cohort-based model for an immersive experience unlike other training and development opportunities you may have experienced. You and your peers will engage in the exploration of fundamental leadership skills and behaviors, and then apply your learning in the workplace as “homework”. In addition to growing confidence, personal efficiency and effectiveness will emerge.

The need for strong leadership in long term care has never been greater. We have a choice: we can hope that someone else will step in to fill the void and solve the problems that hinder our performance – OR – we take responsibility for our own future and narrow the gap between our performance and personal potential. Leadership is a choice.

ACADEMY DATES: May 25, June 22, July 20, August 17, and September 14. Graduation/Recognition of Accomplishment held on October 20.

LOCATION: TBD – will have venues/locations shared before the end of April. Graduation/Recognition of Accomplishment will be held at the Osthoff in Elkhart Lake during the Awards Luncheon on October 20, 2022.

TUITION/ENROLLMENT: $1,500 for the entire program; this includes the curriculum & education, breakfast/lunch during each session, indefinite access the Leadership Academy archives, tools, and recourses, and $200 off Fall Convention Registration. Additionally, this program is approved for continuing education through NAB.



  • Measurable changes in individual leadership capability and personal effectiveness
  • Broader, more skilled pool of internal candidates for leadership positions, as well as an enhanced ability to retain high potential employees and a committed workforce
  • Improved relationships and personal networks that strengthen the organization’s capacity to work cross-functionally on important projects, initiatives, and requirements
  • More collaborative behavior that supplants competitive behavior resulting in more successful outcomes for residents, their families, and other stakeholders
  • Service innovation projects designed to improve current operations and/or strengthen the facility’s ability to thrive in an ever-changing environment
  • 2022 Leadership Academy Graduates also receive a $200 discount on full registration for the 2022 Fall Convention & Expo
  • All 2022 Leadership Academy participants will “graduate” and be honored with recognition of their accomplishment during the Awards Luncheon on October 20, 2022 at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake.

Are you interested in fostering future leaders in your organization? Are you an existing leader looking to enhance your leadership techniques? Are you a new long term care leader looking to develop your leadership skills? Are you hoping to become a successful and engaging leader one day? Are you a provider looking to improve workforce retention? Then the 2022 Leadership Academy is a perfect program for you! Scroll down to complete the Leadership Academy Application.

Email Jena Jackson if you have any questions regarding the Leadership Academy!

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