Rick Abrams Appointed to Governor’s Task Force on Health Care Workforce

Rick Abrams
Chief Executive Officer

Governor Tony Evers has appointed WHCA/WiCAL CEO Rick Abrams to the Governor’s Task Force on the Healthcare Workforce.

Abrams joins 24 other members on the Task Force, including state appointees, medical professionals, workforce leaders, academics, and advocates. The Task Force is chaired by Lieutenant Governor Sara Rodriguez. DHS Secretary Kirsten Johnson and DWD Secretary Amy Pechacek will serve as co-vice chairs.

The Task Force is charged with studying the workforce challenges facing the state’s healthcare system, including recruitment and retention, identifying ways to improve patient care and alleviate the burdens on the healthcare workforce, exploring educational and training pathways to grow a sustainable healthcare workforce, and creating an action plan with solutions related to workforce development, industry innovation, education, and training for consideration in the governor’s 2025-27 executive budget.

“From long-term care to some of our state’s largest healthcare systems to our technical colleges and UW campuses, there is so much expertise and experience among Gov. Evers’ appointees to serve on this important task force,” said Lt. Gov. Rodriguez. “I am grateful to each member for the time, energy, and commitment they are bringing to this issue and look forward to working together in the months ahead.”

WHCA/WiCAL expects the Task Force to begin its work in short order, with an expectation to have ideas formalized in the fall of 2024. WHCA/WiCAL will report to members about the progress of the Task Force.


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