One Thousand Strong: Wisconsin Providers and Stakeholders Generate More than 1,000 Public Comments on CMS’s Staffing Mandate Proposal

WHCA/WiCAL members and partners far exceeded our goal for comment submissions to CMS ahead of the November 6 public comment submission deadline for CMS’s proposed nursing home minimum staffing rule.

Through AHCA/NCAL’s public comment portal, Wisconsin-based individuals, providers, and other stakeholders submitted 1,023 total comments. Wisconsin’s initial goal was 300. Wisconsin surpassed our goal by almost 350%!

The total tally does not include other submissions made directly through the CMS portal. So,  Wisconsin provider community’s total tally was even higher than AHCA’s final count.

WHCA/WiCAL thanks member providers and their staff, residents, and families; business partners; vendors; community partners, and all other stakeholders who weighed in with concerns about the current rule draft!