October 1, 2023 changes to MDS/RAI: Important resources to help nursing homes prepare

As we have previously reported, our national affiliate, American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living, is running a multi-part educational series highlighting different areas in which the Minimum Data Set/Resident Assessment Instrument (MDS/RAI) will be changing effective October 1, 2023.  Below please find a fifth installment in this important educational series focusing on changes to Section K:

Changes to Section K

The MDS 3.0 version v1.8.11v2 final item sets were updated on June 7, 2023, draft RAI guidance was released on April 3, 2023, and substantial changes were made to several sections. Changes to section K (Swallowing/Nutritional Status) include:

  • The expansion of timeframes for recording answers related to nutritional approaches, including:
    • On Admission;
    • While Not a Resident;
    • While a Resident; and
    • At Discharge.

AHCA has created an MDS Section K resource document to help providers breakdown the changes. The information outlines key changes to MDS Section K, Coding Instructions/RAI Guidelines for each item, and Actions to Consider for implementation across your facility.

It is important to develop a training plan for your facility to ensure all staff impacted by the changes are trained in them.

Additional Resources:

Please email regulatory@ahca.org with any questions.

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To help our members prepare for these upcoming changes, WHCA/WiCAL will be hosting an MDS Webinar on August 2. Click HERE to learn more and for registration.