New WHCA Nursing Home Post-Survey Questionnaire: Share Your Survey Experience

WHCA/WiCAL is launching a new member resource for nursing home providers: an Association-produced post-survey questionnaire.

The questionnaire is available HERE.

This questionnaire is produced and maintained by WHCA/WiCAL, and is not connected or affiliated with DQA, the State of Wisconsin, or CMS. The information you submit in this form will only be shared with WHCA/WiCAL, and will be primarily used to aggregate data, identify patterns, and discover potential survey/enforcement inconsistencies among survey regions and survey teams.

This questionnaire was created with participation and input from many member providers, and is meant to be a member-driven method of identifying and addressing issues at the individual surveyor level, among survey teams, across regions, and/or across the state. We ask that providers complete the questionnaire no matter their survey experience – positive, negative, or neutral. WHCA/WiCAL would like to be able to identify and highlight both positive and negative experiences and/or outcomes, so that we can be better equipped to offer insights to DQA about what is working well and what is not.

WHCA/WiCAL’s goal is for member facilities to see this questionnaire as an essential step in their survey process. Please feel free to share this link with the appropriate facility staff who would complete the questionnaire following a survey. Please consider bookmarking the web page for ease of access in the future.

Please direct any questions regarding this questionnaire to VP of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Jim Stoa.

Once again, the questionnaire is available HERE.