LTC Trend Tracker Releases New SNF Resident Characteristics Report

​Earlier this month, LTC Trend Tracker released the new customizable SNF Resident Characteristics report, which replaces the previous CASPER Resident report. This enhanced report provides users with a detailed overview of the organization’s resident characteristics and allows users to customize which measures that would like to see displayed. Registered users can create multiple, different, customized SNF Resident Characteristics reports within this report, as well as build, save, and schedule their customized SNF Resident Characteristics reports directly in their LTC Trend Tracker profile.

This report includes the 28 SNF Resident Characteristic metrics, with the primary source of information coming from CMS Form 672 which is submitted during standard health surveys. The headers these metrics fall under within the report are as follows –

  • 1+ Assist
  • ​Bowel/Bladder Status
  • Mobility
  • Skin Integrity
  • Mental Status and Medication
  • Special Care
  • Other (Advance Directives, Influenza Immunization Rate, etc.)

To access this report, all registered users of LTC Trend Tracker​ will need to click on the “Run a Report” link that is located at the top of the left control panel, and select the “SNF Resident Characteristics Report.”

Please email for help accessing or using LTC Trend Tracker.