ICYMI: DQA Training and Educational Resources for Nursing Facilities

DQA Training and Educational Resources

The Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) has prepared a comprehensive list of training opportunities and educational resources available for Nursing Home providers on the Department of Health Services (DHS) website. We hope this information will give you easy access to tools developed to enhance the quality of care and life for residents that are in your care.

For a complete list of Division of Quality Assurance Provider Training programs visit: DQA Training

Additional educational resources available to Nursing Home providers:

  • The DQA Nursing Home Administrator and Director of Nursing – Welcome Guide is a first of its kind resource created for Administrators and DONs new to Wisconsin, as well as, seasoned professionals. The webpage provides you with links to DQA staff, Associations, and helpful Organizations, Caregiver Tools, Educational and clinical information, the Survey process and much more.
  • The Nursing Homes: Forms, Memos and Publications | Wisconsin Department of Health Services webpage provides information to assist you in interpreting state and federal regulations and guidelines. This page includes forms needed for preadmission screening and to obtain informed consent for the use of psychotropic medication.
  • The Nursing Homes: Provider Resources | Wisconsin Department of Health Services webpage provides a variety of state and federal resources, including information on Falls Prevention, Diabetes Prevention and Control, Dementia Care, and caring for residents in ventilated care units and residents with traumatic brain injuries.
  • The Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care (BNHRC) hosts quarterly educational Webinars for providers to discuss new directives from CMS and topics of general interest, such as the components of Past Non-Compliance determinations. The Nursing Homes: Provider Resources | Wisconsin Department of Health Services includes agendas, handouts, and a recording of past Webinars.
  • The Nursing Homes: Provider Resources | Wisconsin Department of Health Services webpage also devotes a section to information regarding precautions to take based on the seasonal condition in Wisconsin. Special focus is placed on alerting providers to the dangers that exist when persons with confusion or dementia wander away from the facility. Exposure to cold temperatures can be life threatening. The section also includes information about preventing heat-related illness and planning for power outages and severe weather.
  • The Pharmacy Newscapsule is a newsletter that is published regularly by DQA. This newsletter provides up-to-date information to staff who survey health and residential facilities regulated by DQA. The material is presented with a “surveyor focus”; however, the information is informative and helpful to providers and others as well.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact: dhsdqatraining@dhs.wisconsin.gov.