ICYMI: DQA Training and Educational Resources for Assisted Living Centers

DQA Training and Educational Resources

The Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) has prepared a comprehensive list of training opportunities and educational resources available for Assisted Living providers on the Department of Health Services (DHS) website. We hope this information will give you easy access to tools designed to enhance the quality of care and life for residents and tenants that are in your care.

For a complete list of Division of Quality Assurance Provider Training programs visit: DQA Training

Additional resources including DQA Memos and Publications are available on the following individual provider webpages:

Additional educational resources available to Assisted Living providers:

  • The Assisted Living: Provider Resources webpage provides a wide variety of resources, including important information on Falls Prevention, Dementia Care, and a number of health conditions.
  • Standards of Practice Resources are provided to support residents receiving the best care available to enhance their quality of care and life. Topics include Admission, Transfer and Discharge, Infection Prevention and Control, Abuse Investigations, Food and Nutritional Services, and Pain Management. This page contains resources to help understand and implement these standards of practice.
  • The Bureau of Assisted Living (BAL) encourages all Assisted Living facilities to formalize an internal Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement program. This webpage will give your facility the tools to develop a meaningful quality improvement plan that shows you how to collect and analyze data and ensure continuous evaluation of your facility’s systems and processes.
  • BAL hosts quarterly Assisted Living Forums for providers to discuss regulations, best practices, and local and national trends in assisted living. This page includes the agendas and handouts from past Forums, and a recording of each Forum.
  • Assisted Living Administrator Training is available for people who qualify to be an assisted living administrator.
  • Information regarding approved training programs for Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRF), including public directories for approved programs, instructors, and trainees, are located at Community-Based Residential Facilities: Approved Training Programs | Wisconsin Department of Health Services.
  • The Pharmacy Newscapsule is a newsletter published regularly by DQA. The newsletter provides up-to-date information to DQA staff who survey health and residential facilities. The material is presented with a “surveyor focus”, however, the information is informative and helpful to providers and others as well.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact: dhsdqatraining@dhs.wisconsin.gov.