ICYMI: From the Department of Health Services: Guidance on Converting an existing building or structure to a Community-Based Residential Facility.


Attn: Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRF), Residential Care Apartment Complexes (RCAC), and Nursing Homes

DQA issues Memo 23-001: Requirements for Newly Licensed Existing Structures

Memorandum Summary
On May 5, 2023, the Division of Quantity Assurance (DQA) released memo 23-001 titled CBRF: Requirements for Newly Licensed Existing Structures. This memo replaced DQA Memo 14-007 with updated direction and contacts. The purpose of this memo is to provide the regulatory requirements regarding the conversion of an existing building or structure to a newly licensed CBRF. Existing buildings or structures, including a wing or a section of an RCAC or a nursing home, intended for use as a newly licensed CBRF, require plans to be submitted for review to DQA substantiating compliance with all the applicable requirements of Wis. Admin. Code chapter DHS 83.

Review and conditional approval are required prior to construction and licensure per Wis. Admin. Code § DHS 83.63(2)(b). Plan review applications, code, contacts, and resources are available on the DHS webpage for Construction/Remodeling Plan Review for Health Care Facilities.

If you have questions about CBRF plan review and construction, please contact the Office of Plan Review and Inspection.

If you have questions about CBRF licensing, please refer to the contact information in Community-Based Residential Facilities: Opening a Community-Based Residential Facility | Wisconsin Department of Health Services.