For your consideration: Participation in a Wisconsin-specific employee compensation survey and subsequent report

WHCA/WiCAL will be partnering with LeadingAge Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association on a Wisconsin facility-specific compensation survey.  LeadingAge has contracted with “the Management Association (MRA)”, to disseminate the survey link, collate the salary and benefit information and assemble the final report.

While facilities that provide salary and benefit information will not be required to purchase the final report, only those facilities that submit data will have the opportunity to purchase the report.  Cost will be $450 per report. If a facility is an MRA member, the report will be provided free.  For multi-facility members, the state will be divided into five regions.  Multi-facility companies will only be charged one $450 fee per region even if they submit data for multiple facilities within a region.

The salary and compensation data that you submit will be kept confidential.  Importantly, MRA will strictly abide by anti-trust Safe Harbor guidelines.

The salary and benefits survey will be contained within this email: .  Please watch for it in the near future.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this request.