Family Care Rate Survey: Responses Needed!

WHCA/WiCAL has heard from providers and other provider associations that many Family Care MCOs still have not communicated with providers about the 3.51% increase approved by DHS in the summer of 2021. The MCOs must send out contract addendums to providers they do business with which must in turn be signed and returned before the funds can be issued.

Funds were initially to be distributed in the fall of last year but we have heard from providers that some MCOs have still not disseminated these increases.

PLEASE NOTE: This increase is from 2021 and is not the recently approved 5% rate increase going into effect January 1, 2022. That remains a separate rate increase that members should be seeing in the next couple of months.

WHCA/WiCAL would like to know whether or not assisted living providers have received these addendums and additionally, if they have then received the increased rates.

We have also heard from a few providers that MCOs are sending updated contracts with rate cuts. We want to hear about these occurrences as well to better communicate our concerns with DHS. Please click HERE to complete this brief survey to help us gather this important information.

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