CDC Holds Webinar on Enhanced Barrier Precaution Guidance

The webinar provided a review of standard and contact precautions.   It was stated that the difference between contact and EBP was that the resident could come out of their room and socialize with others, enjoy communal dining and participate in group activities.

The precautions were to prevent the spread of infection from person to person thought staff close interactions with high risk procedures.  The three areas of high risk were:

  • Present MDRO infection
  • Wounds
  • Indwelling medical devises

It was stressed that communication between care settings is essential to limit the spread of infection.  A question was asked about other settings having to implement these precautions and the answer was that it applies only to nursing homes

A nurse described the incremental implementation of EBPs in multiple facilities and their successes and challenges.  It appeared that facilities with ventilators were at highest risk of spread of MDROs.  She described how they developed a PIP, did a plan for implementation and how they proceeded through the process successfully.

Although the slides for the webinar will not be made available, the recording of the session will be available on the CDC Enhanced Barrier Precautions page.  It was not available as of this time.

If you have questions about this process or suggestions on implementation, contact Jena Jackson at

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