‘A Spark of Creativity’ Revealed as Theme for National Assisted Living Week 2019

The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) last week revealed “A Spark of Creativity” as this year’s theme for National Assisted Living Week®. The annual, national observance provides a unique opportunity for residents, their loved ones, staff, volunteers, and local communities to celebrate the individuals served in assisted living and learn more about this sector of long term care.

“National Assisted Living Week is a time to celebrate, but it’s also a time to reflect and think about ways assisted living can continue to grow,” said NCAL Executive Director Scott Tittle. “‘A Spark of Creativity’ encourages everyone to get their creative juices flowing—whether it’s residents trying out new things, or caregivers exploring innovative ways to improve care and community life.”

Established by NCAL in 1995, National Assisted Living Week (NALW) will be held Sept. 8-14, 2019. “A Spark of Creativity” hopes to inspire residents to tap into their creative side, whether through the arts or beyond. Specifically, residents should explore art therapy as it can offer many benefits to older adults, such as improving cognitive and sensory-motor functions, fostering self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivating emotional resilience, enhancing social skills, and reducing and resolving conflicts and distress, according to the American Art Therapy Association.

Additionally, the theme aims to inspire assisted living staff to get creative in order to further person-centered care to residents. Staff at all levels are encouraged to offer ideas that could help improve each resident’s quality of life. Assisted living communities across the country should organize activities and events throughout NALW that relate to the theme.

In the coming months, NCAL will issue a planning guide and products centered on ways to celebrate “A Spark of Creativity.” Visit www.NALW.org for updated information and resources.

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