AHCA/NCAL Launches 2022 Revenue Cycle Management Academy

In the coming months, federal aid will dwindle as the government and states move toward a post-pandemic normal order of business. As SNFs continue to struggle with sluggish occupancy and workforce challenges, ensuring that every dollar earned for care delivery is retained will be imperative.

AHCA’s online training program titled Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Academy takes a holistic interdisciplinary approach toward SNF revenue management. RCM Academy helps develop concrete strategies to secure earned dollars and to “stay paid” when thinking about Managed Care payment recoveries. RCM Academy helps SNFs:

  • Prepare for the eventual phase down of COVID-related government assistance
  • Stabilize and better manage a predictable revenue flow relative to overhead
  • Stay paid when considering Medicare Advantage Plan payment recovery trends.

RCM can be implemented throughout a building or more broadly as an organization-wide approach to enhance revenue by minimizing losses from payments that too often are unnecessarily lost or overlooked. RCM team members will be able to apply their practical RCM knowledge and implement daily processes. Effective RCM requires a team approach beyond just facility billing office or corporate office staff. AHCA recommends that all SNF administrators, assistant administrators, DONs, ADONs, MDS coordinators, nurse leaders and admissions staff enroll in RCM Academy too.

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