2022 Direct Care Workforce Survey; Responses Due by Friday, March 18th

The 2022 Direct Care Workforce Survey is available for providers to complete. Responses are due Friday, March 18th. Providers should complete this survey based on all direct care workforce payments received since June 2021. These payments include:

  • Payment 1 distributed in June 2021
  • Payment 2 distributed in November 2021

The survey is consistent with last year’s format which was streamlined to collect high level information from providers regarding the amount received from these payments and how this amount was spent. Control numbers do not need to be entered. Completion of the survey is a requirement of participation in the DCW Funding Initiative. The results will only be used for reporting purposes on the effectiveness of these payments and will not be used as validation for future payments.

Additional information is available on the Direct Care Workforce Funding Initiative FAQ page.

Please send any questions to DHSLTCFiscalOversight@dhs.wisconsin.gov.

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