WHCA/WiCAL Committees

As member-driven organizations, the Wisconsin Health Care Association and the Wisconsin Center for Assisted Living (WHCA/WiCAL) depend upon representatives from their long-term care facility membership to identify and help address key issues facing the state’s long-term care provider community. One of the principal ways in which the goals of WHCA/WiCAL are accomplished is through active member participation in a series of committees that address many of the challenges facing the profession.

PLEASE NOTE: While you may have received this email as a primary contact within your WHCA/WiCAL Member facility, there are other people within your facility who this message is relevant to as well. Please distribute this message to other staff members who would be able to contribute to one of the WHCA/WiCAL committees.

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Budget Committee

Chairperson: Michael Jones
This committee is charged with the development of WHCA/WiCAL’s annual operating budget. The budget is generally developed in August and September. The Budget Committee’s recommendation for the operating budget for the next calendar year is presented to the Board of Directors and voted on by the association’s membership at the Annual Business Meeting during Fall Convention. The committee can meet, as needed, at other times during the year.

Business Partners Committee

Chairperson: Pat LeMire
This committee is designed to give WHCA/WiCAL Business Partners a formalized voice on their needs and concerns to the Board of Directors. This committee works to ensure the timeliness and quality of the services WHCA/WiCAL provides its Business Partners, in an effort to help foster productive working relationships with WHCA/WiCAL member facilities.

Bylaws Committee

Chairperson: Alan Gaffner
This committee addresses and resolves all questions referred to and relative to the interpretations of the Association’s Bylaws. Moreover, the committee provides continuing oversight on the Bylaws to assure that they are consistent with the direction and desires of the membership. On request from the Board of Directors, it drafts written policy consistent with the association’s constitution and bylaws and presents the draft to the Board of Directors for approval and recommendation to the membership as a whole. It keeps the policies up to date in an organized manner and makes them accessible to the membership.

Education Committee

Co-Chair: Tina Belongia
Co-Chair: Mitul Lindeman
The Education Committee is charged with the development and implementation of educational programs and conferences for member facilities. Educational planning includes coordination of educational functions at WHCA/ WiCAL conferences, statewide trainings and workshops, webinars, and other educational resources. This includes location planning and the recommendation of educational and entertainment functions at WHCA/WiCAL conferences. The Education Committee may receive recommendations from other WHCA/WiCAL committees and should carefully assess the need and timing of recommended education.

Independent Providers Committee

Chairperson: Steve Kuranz
This committee serves as a forum for the independent provider (less than three facilities under similar management) to voice their individual and collective concerns regarding the issues confronting the long term care industry.

Multi-Facility Providers Committee

Chairperson: Jeffrey Schueller
This committee serves as a forum for the multi-facilities (three or more facilities under similar management) to voice their individual and collective concerns regarding the issues confronting the long-term care provider community.

Payment Council

Co-Chair: Amber Snow
Co-Chair: Gary Johnsen
This committee will provide a forum for data and information exchange and dialogue among financial managers; as well as development of commentary, policies and recommendations on matters relating to current and emerging payment methodologies for skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

Political Affairs Committee

Co-Chair: Debora Klatkiewicz
Co-Chair: Jay Hintze
This committee is designed to foster membership contributions to, and participation in, the substantial political activities of WHCA/WiCAL including the WHCA/WiCAL Political Action Committee. This committee is responsible for establishing strategies to allow the association to enact its mission in the legislative process. Attention is placed on the unique aspects of the political arena as it pertains to local, state, and federal activities.

Quality Committee

Co-Chair: Caryn Adams
Co-Chair: Shellie Sonnentag
Co-Chair: Kathy Hilgart-Schraufnagel

The Quality Committee is a collaborative effort to advance care quality and current standards of clinical practice in WHCA/WiCAL member facilities. This committee will also focus efforts on promoting the National Quality Awards and the AHCA Quality Initiatives.

Survey/Regulatory Committee

Chairperson: Brian Purtell
The Survey/Regulatory Committee reviews quarterly DQA citation statistics for ways in which facilities can advance and improve their efforts toward survey compliance. As a means of enabling these efforts, the committee will make educational session recommendations for the Spring Conference, Fall Convention, as well as topical areas that should be covered in regional and one-day workshops. The committee will also make recommendations for elements to be included in survey preparation tool development for facilities. The committee will be the primary vehicle through which the association develops recommendations on strategic reform planning of the SNF survey system to CMS and state survey agency officials.