WHCA/WiCAL Corporate Giving Opportunities

Thank you for your consideration of participating in WHCA/WiCAL’s corporate political giving campaign!

Wisconsin state law allows certain state campaign committees to accept corporate donations. These committees include:

  • Republican Party of Wisconsin- Seg Fund
  • Democratic Party of Wisconsin-Seg Fund
  • Committee to Elect a Republican Senate-Seg Fund
  • State Senate Democratic Committee-Seg Fund
  • Republican Assembly Campaign Committee-Seg Fund
  • Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee-Seg Fund

WHCA/WiCAL has been successful in bundling corporate checks to distribute to these committees, and we need your help to continue that success.

Depending on the size of your organization, WHCA/WiCAL requests a corporate contribution of $10,000 to one or more of these committees. If you would like to give in a lesser amount, we welcome what your company is able to afford.

For more information for which committee is in most need of donations based on our current giving status with each committee, please contact Rick Abrams or Jim Stoa.